Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mobile Suit Gundam Original Series Superdeformed Vinyl Figures by Banpresto

Me cansé de buscar información sobre estas piezas... Y el resultado fue: nada !!!... 

Esto tiene su lado bueno, porque probablemente este sea el único blog donde las van a encontrar. 

Se trata de un "set" de 4 graciosas figuras (2 pilotos, uno de ellos -piloto alemán- en dos versiones, el otro es un piloto japonés y un mobile suit), de 4" de alto, con el buen trabajo de pintura que se espera de las piezas de Banpresto y un nivel de articulación básico aunque interesante (su cabeza, brazos y piernas pueden girarse).

Este set incluye: Char Aznable (con casco), Zaku Gundam, Char Aznable y Amuro Ray. (NOTA: este es el orden en el que aparecen las imágenes individuales, de arriba hacia abajo).


I tired myself searching for information about these pieces... And the result was: nothing !!!... 

This has its good side, because probably this is the only blog where you can find them. 

This is "set" of 4 funny figures (2 pilots, one of them -german pilot- in two versions, the other one is a japanese pilot and one mobile suit), 4" high, with the good paint job we can expect from Banpresto’s pieces and a basic although interesting level of articulation (their head, arms and legs can rotate).

This set includes: Char Aznable (with helmet), Zaku Gundam, Char Aznable and Amuro Ray. (NOTE: this is the order of the individual images, from top to bottom).


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

These are cute figurines from Gundam series. I see you have quite a lot of gasaphon. Thank you for dropping my blog earlier.

chrismandesign said...

thy so much Dennis, i’m glad... specially when this comment comes from a big fan collector !!!... yes, i have a bunch of gashapons, but as u can see, in my collection there is space for almost every kind of figures (i have a lot without publish and more than 30 model kits of Gundam, Armored Core, Super Robot Wars and others, waiting to be assembled...) i hope u’ll be one of my fans, cuz i’ll be one of urs... XD u r welcome as well

Hugson said...

hmmmm... u got it all wrong ! those arent from Gundam SEED... they are the main characters from the Gundam Original series back in 1979. The blond one is the antagonist Char Aznable very know for his piloting red mobile suits, and the other one is Amuro Ray the protagonist and pilot of the original Gundam.

chrismandesign said...

to hugo_falkon03:

man, now that u mentioned, well u r pretty right... obviously i didn’t search as much as i should, but believe me, i couldn’t find any info bout these guys & well, i’m not a Gundam guru... THX for ur info... now they will be correctly named XD