Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sara Pezzini as Witchblade 1998 Witchblade Series 1 Resin Figure by Moore Action Collectibles

La temperatura de este blog sube un poco más de lo normal, preparando el escenario para la distinguida y sensual invitada de hoy. 

Ya ha pasado un buen tiempo desde que personajes de Witchblade tuvieron su primera aparición aquí. En mi publicación de Kenneth Irons pueden consultar la información general sobre esta historia del cómic de Top Cow.

En este momento me concentraré en Sara Pezzini, la portadora más conocida de Witchblade. Esta hermosa mujer es una
detective de New York, disciplinada y de pocas palabras, que tuvo su encuentro con Witchblade (una poderosa arma mágica y mística) cuando Ian Nottingham (empleado de Kenneth Irons) la dejó mortalmente herida. 

Dado que Witchblade tiene su propia voluntad, decidió unirse a Sara y desde entonces ella tuvo que enfrentarse a numerosos enemigos místicos y extraños casos como detective. 

De hecho, Witchblade es sólo una de las fuerzas primarias, que según esta historia de ficción, están en pugna para mantener el equilibrio del universo. Otras manifestaciones de éstas fuerzas primarias son Angelus y Darkness.

No dude mucho para adquirir esta voluptuosa figura de 5 1/2" de alto, hecha en resina y PVC, muy detallada y con un excelente trabajo de pintura y moldeado, y mi amigo/colega Ricardo Contreras, me está proveyendo algunos cómics de esta serie, para profundizar en la historia de este personaje, que resulta bastante particular. 

Es una linda pieza de colección y además es difícil de conseguir actualmente, así que cumple a cabalidad dos requisitos fundamentales para entrar a mi hogar/colección. =D


The temperature of this blog is up a bit more than usual, setting the stage for the distinguished and sensual guest for today. 

It’s been a long time since characters from Witchblade had their first appearance here. In my publication of Kenneth Irons you can see the overview of this story of comic by Top Cow.

At this moment I will focus on Sara Pezzini, the
best-known bearer of Witchblade’. This beautiful woman is a detective in New York, disciplined and tough-talking, that has her encounter with Witchblade (a powerful mystical and magic weapon) when Ian Nottingham (employee of Kenneth Irons) left her mortally wounded. 

Given that the Witchblade has its own will, it decided to join Sara and since then, she had to face many mystical enemies and strange cases as detective. 

In fact, Witchblade is just one of the primary forces, which according to this fictional story, are in conflict to maintain the universe’s balance. Other manifestations of these primary forces are Angelus and Darkness.

I didn’t hesitate too much into order this voluptuous figure 5 1/2" high, made of resin and PVC, quite detailed and with an excellent paint job and molding, and my friend/fellow Ricardo Contreras, is providing me some comics of this series, to delve into the story of this character, which is quite particular. 

It’s nice collector’s item actually and a hard-to-get piece nowadays, so it fully meets two basic requirements to be in my home/collection. =D


LEon said...

I like Witchblade when the first issue was out in the mid 90s and I always hoping they can do a toy for her and when I saw this toy, I was disappointed. Nonetheless it is a good collection for the fans.

chrismandesign said...

well LEon, for me it’s a nice & affordable option to own a Witchblade character figure, specially when u notice that the other options r available only in resin statues between U$159 & U$199 (yes U.S.A. dollars) without shipping and other taxes or bronze statues between U$1,200 & U$2,900 (U.S.A. dollars, without shipping and other taxes) made by artist Clayburn Moore, the owner of Moore Action Collectibles. As i mentioned these figures r very well detailed & painted, so they worth while doubtless... & i like’em so much... however, ur opinion gets respect here =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No matter how the outcome is, to me, it's always nice that there is toys made related to the comic or anime for their fans. This is still one sexy figurine!

chrismandesign said...

heheheh... for me, in this case the result is quite good & i find this figure very attractive (sexy) with an above average quality, so she’s absolutely welcome here =D