Monday, April 26, 2010

Transformers Longrank - Autobot 2005 Galaxy Force Japanese Series GS-02 Transformable Action Figure by Takara Tomy

Después de ver todo lo que he publicado aquí, alguien podría decir que soy "inflexible" ???... Y sin embargo, dicen por ahí que las cosas se parecen a su dueño. 

Creo que en las cosas que realmente importan, soy "inflexible" a ultranza, pero de otra forma me doy ciertas licencias, quizás demasiadas, por lo tanto mi parte racional no funciona mucho, debo decir... Nuevamente todo esto parece un sinsentido, pero no lo es...

Resulta que nuestro invitado para hoy es un "inflexible" de antología. Longrack, un Autobot cuya base de operaciones es Cybertron, es alguien a quien le encanta seguir las reglas al pie de la letra, además es el muchacho-arregla-todo del grupo y en sus ratos libres usualmente "urbaniza" planetas. 

Es pacifista, pero cuando debe luchar, él sabe muy bien lo que implica. Este parlanchín, es otro de esos personajes subterráneos que me gustan, e hizo su aparición en por lo menos dos series animadas: Beast Wars Neo y Transformers: Cybertron.

La figura de acción por su parte fue hecha en resina, alcanza 8" de alto en modo robot, el nivel de detalle, acabados y trabajo de pintura es espléndido, como puede esperarse de una pieza de Takara Tomy (aunque para mí, Hasbro puede estar a la par en varias figuras de colección similares). 

Es de circulación exclusiva en Japón, por ello su empaque y el instructivo que lo acampañan vienen integramente en japonés. Su dificultad de transformación es intermedia (entre nivel 3 y 4). 

Es una figura pesada y durable, que tiene como atractivos adicionales una Cyber Key que le permite estirar notablemente su poderoso brazo excavador, para noquear a sus enemigos y una tarjeta de colección con información general sobre este Autobot, claro está, en japonés... Olvidé mencionar que soy un "inflexible" disfuncional ???... =PPPPP


After seeing everything I’ve posted, someone migth say I’m "unyielding" ???... And yet some people say that things are like their owners. 

I think that in the things that really matter, I’m "unyielding" at all costs, but otherwise I give myself certain licenses, perhaps too many, hence my rational part doesn’t work so much, I must say... Again this seems nonsensical, but it doesn’t...

It turns out that our guest for today is an anthological "unyielding". Longrack, an Autobot whose operation base is Cybertron, is someone who loves to follow the rules to the letter, also he’s the fixes-all-guy of the group and in his spare time usually "urbanize" planets. 

He’s pacifist, but when he has to fight, he knows very well what it takes. This chatty, is other of those underground characters that I like and he appeared in at least to animated series: Beast Wars Neo and Transformers: Cybertron.

The action figure itself was made in resin, which reaches 8" in robot mode, the level of detail, finishes and paint job is superb, as it can be expected from a piece from Takara Tomy (although for me, Hasbro can keep pace in several similar collection figures). 

It’s intended for exclusive circulation in Japan, which explains why its packaging and instructions are entirely in japanese. The transformation difficult level is intermediate (between levels 3 and 4). 

It’s a heavy and durable figure, which has as additional features a Cyber Key that allows significantly stretch its powerful excavator arm, to knock out his enemies and a trading card with general information about this Autobot, of course, in japanese... I forgot to mention that I’m a dysfunctional "unyielding" ???... =PPPPP


LEon said...

I like the robot mode better. Even though he is bulky, he still can balance quite well. Good collection you have there. Look rare.

chrismandesign said...

TYSM LEon... it was an orphan toy till i put my eyes on it hehehe... i dunno how they do that, but it’s even more stable than my Optimus Prime Japanese Classic... anyway, Takara is always a worthy aquisition but i dun mind to repeating that Hasbro is improving the quality in its toys, so unlike other collectors, i hav the same respect for both brands... =DDD

Gunstray said...

I want to say this so bad, BUILD TIGER GO!GO!GO! *blames TFW Members*

That arm looks like its about to blow some serious S#it^^

chrismandesign said...

k k... i’ll blame those bad jokers for sure, that goes without saying =PPP... & the arm yeah ! it’s pretty fearsome, i would stay away from that threat =OOO

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You are about this character unknown to many cos he's alien to me too. Anyway, I like autobots and I like him. The head is pretty nice and the bulk on his chest and shoulder makes him look tough and strong physically.

chrismandesign said...

it was a surprise for me that both LEon & u, Dennis, have no idea bout this character & his respective action figure... i mean, it’s indeed a japanese exclusive so it’s not available for other markets around the world (unless it’s imported directly), but i thought that by ur proximity to the japanese market, myb u had known anything bout him... then, this is an oddity by its own right... great !!!... u r right Dennis, he’s pacifist but he’s really strong & he doesn’t mind at all in to kick some Decepticon’s asses anytime... LOL