Monday, July 12, 2010

Transformers Soundwave Decepticon 2006 -Cybertron Robots in Disguise- Micro Class Series 3 Target Exclusive Transformable Action Figure by Hasbro

"I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feelin’, i’m spying again qqqgggggggggggg..." No se qué rayos le pasa hoy a mi reproductor de audio, bastante extraño !!!??? ... 

Y de repente me siento vigilado... Como si un Decepticon me estuviera visitando, haciendo de las suyas... Debe ser uno de esos delirios de coleccionista de juguetes, que están en pleno vigor.

Hablando de espías, quién no conoce a Soundwave ???... El empleado de comunicaciones de los Decepticons (yo optaría por ubicarlo en el departamento del chisme). 

Si hay alguien con un oído entrometido, es este pequeño picarón. Recuerdo aún cómo lo odiaba por ser excesivamente chismoso (y tal parece que abundan los Soundwaves en la vida real, sino, podemos echarle un vistazo a los paparazzis... =PPPPP).

Ya era hora de invitar a otro villano a este lugar y qué mejor que hacerlo de la mano de esta curiosa figura. 

Basada en una serie animada de Cartoon Network, es un derroche de maldad con excelente detalle y un trabajo de pintura muy preciso, pero en formato micro (apenas 3" de alto). Es parte de una serie limitada producida exclusivamente para Target. 

Por su tamaño, cuenta con un nivel de articulación básico y aunque se clasifica como nivel 1 en dificultad de transformación, pude comprobar que no es ni remotamente sencillo hacerlo. 

Este, a diferencia de su gemelo de la Generación 1, se transforma en un avión (espía, por supuesto) y su apariencia (con todo respeto por la tradición) me parece bastante mejor. Menos mal lo tengo guardado en una vitrina a prueba de sonido...


"I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feelin’, i’m spying again qqqgggggggggggg..." I don’t know what the heck is happening with my music player, rather strange !!!??? ... 

And suddenly I feel my privacy invaded... As if a Decepticon was visiting me, making mischief... Must be one of those delusions of a toy collector, which are in full force.

Talking about spies, who doesn’t know Soundwave ???.. The Decepticons’ communications employee (I would opt to locate him in the department of gossip). 

If someone has an interfering ear, is this lil’ rogue. I still remember how I hated him for being too gossipy (and it seems that Soundwaves abound in real life, if not, we can take a look to paparazzis... =PPPPP).

It was about time to invite another villain to this place and way better to do it accompanied by this curious figure. 

Based on a Cartoon Network animated series, is a waste of evil with excellent detail and a very accurate paint job, but in a micro format (barely 3" high). It’s part of a limited series produced exclusively for Target. 

For its size, has a basic level of articulation and although is classified as transformation difficulty level 1, I could verify that is not remotely easy to do. 

This one, unlike its Generation 1 twin, is a plane in vehicle mode (spy, of course) and its appearance (with all my due respect for tradition) looks a lot better. Luckily, I have it stored in a sound-proof showcase...


LEon said...

This soundwave look pretty small but Neat nonetheless. :) It doesn't come with any other accessories?

chrismandesign said...

yes LEon, indeed it has the same height than my Justitoys Dinobots & i was amazed for its detail (even the Decepticon emblem with barely 1/8" - 3 mm height, is perfectly printed)... & no, he hasn’t other accesories but he looks pretty fine for me, so i dun miss accesories anyway =D

Gunstray said...

Scout class: Inferior, Master piece class: Superior

Cybertron Soundwave: Inferior, G1 Soundwave: superior

Commentor: Inferior, Author: superior

chrismandesign said...

ha!: inferior LLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!: perfect

look at this ultra-traditional TF fan, but not all the old times were good, pal =PPPPP

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's cool to be a decepticons spy and this small dude is quite detail for a 3" and moreover still looks good in both transformation. It's no wonder you are singing in the rain, probably dancing too! Lol.

chrismandesign said...

hahahahahaha... is a bit weird pal, but actually was Gene Kelly who was singing in the rain hahahahahaha... indeed, i wanted to pointing out in the lil’ change in the lyrics (original version: ...i’m happy again... fake chris version: ...i’m spying again...) obviously referring to the original generation 1 form of Soundwave (a music player/microcassette recorder) hahahahaha LOL... anyway u r totally right Dennis, this guy is pretty detailed for his size & yes, i’m dancing & hopping on one foot by the happiness of own this tiny badass !!! hihihi