Monday, October 4, 2010

Transformers Optimus Prime Autobot 2006 -Cybertron Robots in Disguise- Micro Class Series 1 Target Exclusive Transformable Action Figure by Hasbro

Neo: Uy !!! Déjà vu. (Todos se quedan quietos en ese mismo instante)
•• Trinity: Qué acabas de decir ???
Neo: Nada, solo tuve un pequeño Déjà vu.
•• Trinity: Qué viste ???
••• Cypher: Qué pasó ???
Neo: Un Optimus Prime pasó por aquí y luego otro que lucía igual.
•• Trinity: Qué tanto se parecían ??? Eran el mismo Optimus Prime ???
Neo: Debió ser, no estoy seguro.
•••• Morpheus: Nos jodimos !!!
Cita tomada (con algunos cambiecillos) de la película The Matrix 1999 HAHAHA...

Sip, debió haber un cambio en la Matrix, pero sus ojos no los engañaron. Este blog se ha caracterizado por una descarada variedad, cosa que para algunos coleccionistas es poco menos que una herejía, digna de una muerte lenta en hoguera. 

Sin embargo, si hay un personaje que merece repetirse, por su carisma y las excelentes piezas que hay disponibles es: Optimus Prime. 

Y yo, sumamente complacido le doy la oportunidad de pavonearse una vez más, en este lugar, que ya se está volviendo punto de referencia en la web (lo atestiguan numerosos visitantes que ya cuentan con link directo y a los que les agradecería hacerse mis seguidores, pues no te cuesta nada -si tienes una cuenta de correo en Gmail, mejor- y estarás apoyando moralmente a este pobre coleccionista, solo usa el gadget, bueno ???).

Para los que no conocen mis otros Optimus, aquí están los links: Mickey Optimus, Henkei Optimus y Movie Optimus... Target Exclusive, te amo !!! XDDDDD


Neo: WOAH !!! Déjà vu. (Everyone keeps quiet at that very moment)
•• Trinity: What did you just say ???
Neo: Nothing. Just had a little déjà vu.
•• Trinity: What did you see ???
••• Cypher: What happened ???
Neo: An Optimus Prime passed by here, and then another that looked just like it.
•• Trinity: How much like it ??? Was it the same Optimus Prime ???
Neo: It might have been. I'm not sure.
•••• Morpheus: We’re f*cked !!!

Quote taken (with some lil’ changes) from The Matrix 1999 movie HAHAHA...

Yep, it should be a change in the Matrix, but your eyes didn’t deceive you. This blog has been characterized by a shameless variety, which for some collectors is nothing short of heresy, worthy of an slow death in fire at the stake. 

However, if there is a character who deserves be repeated, for his charisma and the excellent pieces that are available is: Optimus Prime. 

And I’m very pleased to give him the chance to strut his stuff again in this place, that is already becoming a point of reference on the web (witnessed by many visitors who already have a direct link and I would appreciate if they become my followers, ’cause it doesn’t cost you anything -if you have a Gmail account, the better- and you will be supporting morally this poor collector, just use the gadget, right ???).

For those unfamiliar with my others Optimus, here are the links: Mickey Optimus, Henkei Optimus and Movie Optimus... Target Exclusive, I love you !!! XDDDDD


LEon said...

This is the legend class right. Look really good. That's a gem. I dont have this Optimus Prime in my collection.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I like the mini toy in robot mode and looking at the pic, Prime can really stand steadily. This is the type of toy my son would love to have.

chrismandesign said...

to LEon:

actually this line is known here as Micro Class, myb there where u live is also known as Legend Class but i dunno if they r equivalent... BTW they r 3" high aprox in robot mode... as u said is a gem, i like the design of this Optimus from Cybertron, pretty futuristic !!!

chrismandesign said...

to Dennis:

hahahahaha, i didn’t know that ur dear son like this kind of stuff, BTW is not suitable for children cuz it has many lil’ & sharp pieces... so it’s a toy for big kids like us LOL... i think that this guy looks pretty good both in robot & vehicule mode, i love bulky mechas =D ♥♥♥♥♥

Mikee said...

Galaxy Convoy In chibi mode =3

Its stoo bad The micro version didnt include the "obligatory" trailer^^;

chrismandesign said...

hahahaha, good one for u pal, cuz u used those quotation marks in obligatory... i found that this Cybertron form of Optimus or Galaxy Convoy, as u mentioned, is pretty long for a truck so i guess the truck & the trailer r blended somehow LOL +.+

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