Sunday, August 7, 2011

1967 Toyota 2000GT Roadster 2005 Poker Series 1 10/12 Diecast Scale 1:61 by Johnny Lightning

Es hora de volver a la historia de Johnny Lightning... =) 

Luego de su inicio en 1969, Johnny Lightning (JL) decidió patrocinar algunos pilotos de carreras de las 500 millas de Indianápolis, incluyendo a Parnelli Jones y Al Unser, quienes con sus victorias catapultaron al éxito esta marca e incrementaron considerablemente sus ventas.

Sin embargo, no todo fue color de rosa para JL, pues para finales de 1971, se vió forzada a cerrar sus operaciones por fraude empresarial. 

Esto debió ser un terrible golpe para una marca de diecast que tendría un lugar de honor entre numerosos fabricantes a nivel mundial. 

De hecho, la marca Johnny Lightning desapareció del mapa durante más de 20 años. Si quieren saber más... Continuen en sintonía.

No saben cuán placentero es para mí presentar este pequeño bólido, que es algo extraño en esta marca pues su especialidad son los autos norteamericanos. 

Aquí, el hermoso Toyota 2000GT Roadster de 1967 logra una representación excelente (que me hace recordar el diseño del ilustre Jaguar E Type) y añade a su innegable encanto, tampos con elementos del poker en su carrocería y asientos con un recubrimiento en imitación terciopelo... Super Kitch !!!... 

Ahhh !!!.. Para completar el juego de cartas y fichas, solo hay que tener los 24 autos de las 2 series disponibles. 

DIOS mediante, nos vemos la próxima semana. =)


It’s time to go back to the Johnny Lightning history... =) 

After its inception in 1969, Johnny Lightning (JL) decided to sponsor some racing drivers of the Indy 500, including Parnelli Jones and Al Unser, who with their victories catapulted the brand to success and increased sales significantly.

However, not everything was rosy for JL, since in the end of 1971, was forced to close its operations for business fraud. 

This should be a terrible blow for a promising diecast brand that would have a place of honor among numerous manufacturers worldwide. 

In fact, the Johnny Lightning brand disappeared from the map for more than 20 years. If you want to know a bit more... Stay tuned.

You don’t know how pleasant is for me to introduce this lil’ bolide, which is something odd about this brand since its specialty are american cars. 

Here, the beautiful 1967 Toyota 2000GT Roadster achieves an excellent rendition (which reminds me the design of the famous Jaguar E Type) and add to its undeniable charm, tampos with elements of poker on its bodywork and seats with a lining in imitation of velvet... Super Kitch !!!... 

Ohhh !!!... To complete the set of cards and chips, you must have all the 24 cars from the 2 sets available. 

GOD willing, we’ll see next week. =)


sl619 said...

i luv those furry seats! nvr seem them on this size figures before.

chrismandesign said...

oh neither i do, not specifically in 1:64 scale diecast... actually Johnny Lightning really knows how to create special editions... also the game cards & chip r awesome !!!... if these JL diecast weren’t kinda expensive, i would think into get both the series 1 & 2 HEHEHE... place ur bets !!! XDDDDD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The highlight of this classic die-cast car is definitely the furry seats. Great novelties like and poker cards & chip.

chrismandesign said...

i think the furry seats were made on purpose, cuz it reminds me the cover of the blackjack tables... i haven’t seen any other vehicle of this poker series but i guess they used this finish for another diecast... anyway is a great work, since the scale is tiny & the model itself is sleek, i didn’t know Toyota made this kind of fabulous cars !!! THX for visiting & commenting pal =)

cortesmachineart said...

... para seguir consumiendo kilometros y kilometros de asfalto sobre la caracas...

chrismandesign said...

...y echarnos un pokarito en un bar de mala muerte, a la luz de una veladora y una botella de aguardiente Néctar... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... gracias por la visita, sucio !!! =)