Sunday, January 8, 2012

Future U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Star Trek Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection Miniature Display Model by Furuta

A pesar de ser un coleccionista con cierta experiencia, lo que hace que cada vez menos cosas me sorprendan, no deja de ser curioso para mí la abundancia de trivia disponible sobre las naves espaciales que han aparecido en las diferentes sagas de Viaje a las Estrellas. 

Poco a poco empiezo a entender el fenómeno que representa esta serie y la cantidad de fanáticos que tiene alrededor del mundo. 

La que publico el día de hoy, es con mucho, la más prólija y de hecho es la que fue diseñada para la serie Viaje a las Estrellas: La Nueva Generación (1987-1994), por Andrew Probert (quién actualizó el diseño original de la Enterprise para Viaje a las Estrellas: La Película en 1979). 

También es, al parecer, la que más formas de vida extraterrestres encontró y la única que llegó al límite del universo físico en esta serie de ciencia ficción. 

Es una nave de la Galaxy Class cuya silueta compacta engaña, pues en la vida real sería enorme. Además, es de las pocas Enterprise que puede dividirse en dos, de manera que el casco y el platillo pueden actuar como naves de combate independientes. 

Como es costumbre la reproducción hecha por Furuta es muy bien lograda, tanto en detalle como en trabajo de pintura y tampos, las bases que las acompañan son excelentes para su exhibición. 

Si el Señor Jesucristo, Quien es grande en misericordia nos permite, nos veremos la semana que viene.... =)

Despite being a collector with some experience, which makes me less and less surprised, it’s curious for me the wealth of trivia available on the spacecrafts that have appeared in the various sagas of Star trek. 

Slowly i begin to understand the phenomenon of this series and the number of fans it has around the world. 

The one I’m publishing today, is by far, the most prolific and in fact it was designed for the series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994), by Andrew Probert (who updated the original design of the Enterprise for Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979). 

It’s also, apparently, the one which most alien forms found and the only one which reached the limit of the physical universe in this science fiction series. 

This is a Galaxy Class starship which compact shape can deceive, because in the real life it would be enormous. In addition, this Enterprise is one of the few that can be divided into two, so that the hull and the saucer can act like independent combat ships. 

As usual the reproduction made by Furuta is very well made, both in detail and in paint job and tampos, the accompanying bases are great for display. 

If the Lord Jesus Christ, Who’s great in mercy, allows us... We’ll see something more next week =)


David John Shewsbury said...

Not a big fan of this space ship thingy - but surprisingly, I do like a few of those from Gundam Universe >__<

chrismandesign said...

oh, by the way i have some Gundam Ex model kits waiting for paint somewhere XD... i like almost all kind of vehicles, spacecrafts included and i found these ones by Furuta nicely manufactured... even the story behind them is quite interesting if you ask me... THX for being a loyal supporter pal =)

Bera said...

you're really a fan of startrek aren't you? I think I've seen another one of this in your previous posts. I'm not a fan of startrek and I do know little about them but I am always a fan of spaceships! LOL. great haul you got there keep them coming :)

chrismandesign said...

well, i’m not a big fan of Star Trek but i’m a science fiction series lover and indeed, although i don’t like some series of anime, comic, TV or even movies, i do like the figures based on these series/movies... i hesitated a bit to publish them, but then i said: "what the heck !!! this is my blog and i’m not publishing here what other people like but what i like !!!"... and well, believe it or not, these ships have their own fans out there...

THX again for your support and comments =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A future version taking the original design as a basis is a safe approach for fans to better accept it and allow continuity and further expansion. Much it what Gundam , Macross and many other mecha anime are doing.

chrismandesign said...

although the designer is from the old school, this starship is pretty different from the original version and even from the renewed version for the ’79 movie... when some artists receive a commission like this, is usual to make a nostalgic proposal of design, but i think is not the case here... however i agree with you pal, the franchise must keep a link with the past if it wants to survive in the mind of its fans =)