Sunday, February 26, 2012

1964 Ford (Fairlane) Thunderbolt 2-Door Coupe 2007 Hot Wheels Stars Series 143/156 Diecast Scale 1:65 by Hot Wheels

Cuando ví este modelo, lo primero que pasó por mi mente fue: "debe ser otro arrebato de locura de Hot Wheels... 

Porque es como si hubieran tomado un Chevrolet Impala y lo hubieran metido en una compactadora de metal..." 

Y bueno, no estaba del todo equivocado. Estamos hablando de un "hermano menor" del famoso Ford Galaxie, que fue fabricado en 1964 como modelo experimental, orientado específicamente al segmento de los autos stock y dragster, del cual se hicieron apenas 120 unidades. 

El Thunderbolt es pequeño en tamaño pero gigante en desempeño y Ford realmente se esmeró en hacer numerosas modificaciones para lograrlo. 

Entre ellas se pueden mencionar: el uso de fibra de vidrio en gran parte de la carrocería, así como plexiglass en todas las ventanas (excepto la frontal), aluminio en ciertas piezas y la eliminación de todo lo que no fuera imprescindible (incluyendo el radio !!!). 

Lo extraordinario es que se logró una reducción de 700 lb (318 kg) con respecto al Fairlane coupé original, a pesar de los refuerzos estructurales y la modificación extrema de la suspensión trasera. 

Al final del proceso, un motor 427 CID V8 de 7.0 L fue montado, que alcanza algo más de 600 hp a 6000 RPM, toda una monstruosidad !!! 

Hot Wheels se puso nuevamente en mi radar con este curioso modelo, desarrollado por Phil Riehlman, que cuenta con un esquema de color y decoración estridente, además de un casting que aunque puede mejorarse en cuanto a detalle y acabados, es bastante decente. 

Si el Padre Celestial lo permite, aquí estaré con alguna otra curiosidad de mi cajón de juguetes la próxima semana... =)

When I saw this model, the first thing that crossed my mind was: "it should be another fit of madness of Hot Wheels... 

Because it’s like they had taken a Chevrolet Impala and had gotten it into a metal compactor..." 

And well, I was not entirely wrong. We are talking about the "smaller brother" of the famous Ford Galaxie, which was built in 1964 as an experimental model, geared specifically to the segment of the stock and dragster cars, which were made barely 120 units. 

The Thunderbolt is small in size but a giant in performance and Ford really took pains making numerous modifications to achieve this. 

Among them we can mention: the use of fiberglass in most of the bodywork, as well as plexiglass in all windows (except the front windshield), aluminum in certain parts and removing all but essential (including radio !!!). 

The extraordinary fact is that there was a reduction of 700 lb (318 kg) compared to the original Fairlane coupe, despite the structural reinforcements and extreme modification of  the rear suspension. 

At the end of the process a 427 CID V8 engine of 7.0 L was mounted, which reaches more than 600 hp at 6000 RPM, a whole monstrosity !!! 

Hot Wheels was back in my radar with this interesting model, developed by Phil Riehlman, it has a strident color scheme and decor, and a cast that while could be improved in detail and finishing, is pretty decent. 

If the Heavenly Father allows, I will be here with other curiosity of my toy box next week... =)


Bera said...

ooh... an interesting car you have here.. honestly, I have minimal knowledge (really) about cars (especially the parts) I just love collecting their models haha. but reading your post about this guy gave me ideas. and... you mentioned V8 engine! familiar as Shelby Cobra became famous because of that engine.

one thing that I am not comfortable with this casting is, the red rims.. it should be other color.... for me.

all in all I still like it. :)

chrismandesign said...

HAHAHA... it’s a matter of tastes, because precisely those red chromed wheels were the factor which make me decide for this guy... actually is a nice combination with the yellow/red/black decor and the red tinted windows remind me those from the Alternators/Binaltech Decepticons...

now, i like all the topics about cars because the bodywork can catch your eye but what thrills all your senses and the main factor in the performance of a vehicle is precisely the engine and the work on the chassis, so for me is really interesting to talk about what’s inside these monsters... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Vintage & flashy bro! The engine sound creates a lot of excitement but the amount of smoke it generate does seems eco friendly. Lolz...

chrismandesign said...

HAHAHA... it was fast, lah... LOL!!! in a blink of an eye this monster crossed the line !!!... now i understand a lot more what means "not-street-legal" and seriously this car couldn’t fulfill the stringent controls for the use in the public roads (including environmental matters, of course, LOL)... the Ford Thunderbolt was born as a Dragster/Stock Car thoroughbred so, if you see one of them... when the traffic lights change to green, you will bite the dust !!!

David John Shewsbury said...

I love the yellow color scheme of this car...

chrismandesign said...

yeah, the yellow (polychrome) suits this guy really good and a lot better than other color schemes available... =)