Sunday, June 3, 2012

Halo 3 Vehicles -Brute Chopper- Series 1 (2008) by McFarlane Toys

Ha pasado un tiempo desde que publiqué mi primer vehículo Halo aquí (el Ghost), luego mi mente empezó a divagar y fue distraída por otra clase de cosas (cosas magníficas, debo decir !!!) pero decidí retomar el tema. 

Microsoft hizo (y está haciendo) millones de dólares con este juego y hay algunas marcas de reputación haciendo dinero también con esta franquicia, una de ellas es precisamente McFarlane Toys. 

El Vehículo de Asalto Rápido Tipo 25 t.c.c. Brute Chopper es un vehículo de asalto por tierra ligero/mediano, fuertemente blindado, equipado con dos ametralladoras de 35 mm y su chasis actúa como una cuchilla. 

Cuenta con una alta versatilidad para el ataque rápido y cercano pero una exigente maniobrabilidad así que, si se tienen habilidades, puede ser su compañero a través de la mayor parte del juego. 

Siempre he apreciado la calidad de las figuras de colección hechas por McFT, pero ellos hacen un trabajo no menos loable con los vehículos, dioramas, bases de exhibición, etc. 

Me encanta todo el detalle logrado aquí y admiro su base de exhibición, que presenta un vástago con articulación de rótula que permite cambiar la posición fácilmente... 

No dejaré de alabar la Bondad del SEÑOR Jesucristo, todos los dones que tenemos proceden de Él y espero que Él me permita publicar algo más la semana siguiente... =)

It’s been a while since I published my first Halo vehicle here (the Ghost), then my mind began to rambling and it was distracted by other kind of stuff (great stuff I must say !!!) but I decided to revisit the topic. 

Microsoft made (and is making) millions of dollars with this game and there are some reputable brands making some money as well with this franchise, one of them is precisely McFarlane Toys. 

The Type 25 Rapid Assault Vehicle a.k.a. Brute Chopper is a light/medium ground assault vehicle, heavily armored in its front, equipped with a pair of 35 mm auto-cannons and its chassis acts like a blade. 

It boast a high versatility for rapid and close attack but a demanding maneuverability, so if you have some skills it could be your partner through most of the game. 

I’ve always appreciated the quality in the collection figures made by McFT, but they do a not less commendable work on vehicles, dioramas, display bases, etc. 

I love all the nice details achieved here and admire its display base, which features a peg with a swivelling ball joint which let you vary the position easily... 

I will not stop to praise the Goodness of the LORD Jesus Christ, all the gifts we have comes from Him and I hope He will let me publish something more next week... =)


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Smart move by Mc Farlane to go into making Halo toys. I'm always impressed with Mc Farlane when it comes to toy statue. Can see a lot of details on this Chopper. Roughly how big is this piece?

chrismandesign said...

McFarlane Toys is a serious player when it comes to PVC statues, richly detailed and in some cases for an affordable price... this mini-replica is about 4" long, so we are talking about a lot of detail and fabulous paint job in small size... such features make the difference and explain why i prefer McFT over NECA and other brands... thanks for your early comments pal which are welcome anytime... =)

David John Shewsbury said...

I've seen some of McFarlane products, they are indeed quite nice and quite pricey... but since most of them are "Americans type" so I guess its not really my cup of tea, but that doesn't take away the credit they deserve on their products... maybe I'm just more into "Japanese type" only....

chrismandesign said...

that’s pretty consistent... if you are from the east you will prefer the east culture’s items and the same could happen with someone from the west... i guess i’m a not so conventional collector ’cause i feel comfortable with items and culture from both sides of the world... however, HALO is a franchise all over the world... i really don’t mind into pay the price of these collection figures/vehicles by McFarlane Toys since they are worth... i think is always a matter of tastes, fortunately there is a wide variety of tastes and thoughts about collecting and is interesting to know other points of view... =)