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1981 Ford Transit (MK2 2000cc) Wrecker 1997 Regular Series Collector 620 by Hot Wheels

Una vez te enganchas a los autos y sus respectivas réplicas a escala en diecast, no quieres ser liberado !!!... 

He estado disfrutando mucho estas publicaciones, no sólo recordando mi infancia (cuando jugaba una y otra vez con mis pequeños diecast y a pesar de su calidad, no duraban mucho =/////), sino también descubriendo muchos datos interesantes acerca de la historia y particularidades de estos medios de transporte. 

Por ejemplo, hoy vamos a profundizar en un tipo de vehículos bastante versátiles y con un impacto directo en nuestra economía, aunque estos pasen desapercibidos la mayoría de las veces. 

Los vehículos de trabajo son usados para casi toda clase de tareas, estos son parte vital de la logística en cualquier compañía o institución y algunas veces ayudan aún a salvar vidas. 

Una subsidiaria de Ford Motor Company en Europa, más precisamente en Köln (Colonia) Alemania, creó una línea de camionetas/vagonetas conocidas como Transit con un éxito rotundo. 

Su ancestro, la FK 1000 (también conocida como Ford Taunus Transit) fue introducida en 1953, pero oficialmente la vida internacional de la Ford Transit comenzó en 1965. 

La tercera generación o "Mark 2" (1978-1986) tiene un diseño no muy distintivo, al menos no tanto como la generación anterior fabricada principalmente en RU (Reino Unido)... 

Tiene una semejanza, pero la parilla frontal luce superpuesta y el resultado final no es armonioso... 

Llámenme quisquilloso sí quieren, pero soy diseñador y tengo un ojo entrenado para esto. =PPPPP 

Ahora, dije que este es un vehículo versátil y en verdad hay muchas versiones creadas sobre esta plataforma: vagonetas, minibuses/monovolúmenes, camionetas pickup, ambulancias, taxis, veh´ciulos recreativos (VRs), etc., y si eso no fuera suficiente, había espacio para más personalización desde fábrica (guardadas proporciones, algo similar a lo que podías esperar de los Muscle Car americanos !!!). 

Mi encuentro con esta Ford Transit MK2 2000cc de 1981 por Hot Wheels fue atípico, porque un cliente (colecionista) de mi proveedor principal, le trajo este modelo junto con otros, hubo una especie de trueque y ahora es parte de mi colección. =))))) 

Este es un modelo vintage basado en un molde de Corgi así que, no puedes esperar demasiada precisión en el molde, pero aún es muy bonito. 

El esquema de pintura azul hielo luce de maravilla y la tampografía es notable, carrocería en diecast y chasis plástico, quisiera que fuera en diecast también o al menos en plástico cromado =(((((... 

Me encantan las grúas, este modelo es vintage y difícil de encontrar a un precio razonable, eso supera cualquier queja de mi parte. 

Prv 15:16 "Mejor es lo poco con temor de JEHOVÁ, que el gran tesoro donde hay turbación." 

Hasta la próxima publicación amigos... =)

Once you get hooked to the cars and their respective diecast scale replicas, you don’t want to be released !!!... 

I have been enjoying very much these publications, not only remembering my infancy (when i played time and time again with my little diecast and despite their quality, they didn’t last for so long =/////), but also finding out a lot of interesting facts about the history and particularities of these means of transportation. 

For example, today we’re gonna delve into a type of vehicle quite versatile and with a direct impact in our economy, although they go unnoticed most of the times. 

The duty vehicles are used for almost all kind of works, they’re a vital part of the logistics in any company or institution and sometimes they even help to save lives. 

A Ford Motor Company subsidiary in Europe, more precisely in Köln (Cologne) Germany, created a line of light commercial trucks/vans known as Transit, with a resounding success. 

Its ancestor, the FK 1000 (a.k.a. Ford Taunus Transit) was introduced in 1953, but officially the international life of the Ford Transit began in 1965. 

The third generation or "Mark 2" (1978-1986) has a not very distinctive design, at least not as distinctive as the previous generation manufactured mainly in UK... 

It has a resemblance, but the front grille looks superimposed and the final result is not harmonious... 

Call me fussy if you want, but I’m a designer so I have a trained eye for this. =PPPPP 

Now, I said that this vehicle is versatile and actually there are a lot of versions created over this platform: panel vans, minibuses, pickup trucks, ambulances, crew-cabs, recreational vehicles (RVs), etc and if that weren’t enough, there were room for more personalization from factory (proportions saved, something similar to what you could expect from an american Muscle Car !!!). 

My encounter with this 1981 Ford Transit MK2 2000cc by Hot Wheels was atypical, because a client (collector) of my main provider, brought him this model along with others, there was a sort of barter and now is part of my collection. =))))) 

This is a vintage model, based on a cast made by Corgi so, you couldn’t expect too much precision in the mold, but is very nice yet. 

The baby blue paint scheme looks great and the tampos are remarkable, diecast body and plastic chassis, I wish it were diecast too or at least plastic chrome =(((((... 

I love wreckers, this model is vintage and hard to find for a reasonable price so, that overcomes any complaints from me. 

Prv 15:16 "Better is little with the fear of JEHOVA than great treasure, and trouble therewith." 

Until next publication folks... =)


David John Shewsbury said...

I don't see any problem with the casting, I think everything seems fine, you just need to do a little bit of detailing work on the front and rear lights - after that, should be OK. I have almost similar "towing truck" from Tomica, will upload the review soon.

chrismandesign said...

well, after all i do like this model very much =)... as i mentioned, is a tow truck, one of my weaknesses and as time goes by, i’m more and more tempted to do some extra detail in specific models (this could be one of them), i hope to do so soon, if the time allows it... i will be waiting for your Tomica’s tow truck publication... =D

Bera said...

nice tow truck you got there pal! though my only issue here is the plastic base :( I don't know but it just disappoints me. But other than that, everything looks fine.

chrismandesign said...

the saving costs politics of Hot Wheels are frustrating, yeah... and not even the adult collector lines lack of this kind of problem, actually many models of these lines have those plastic chassises (which are not chromed all the times) =/////... you’re paying more and expect more !!!... as far as i know only 2 variations were available of this model, both with plastic chassis, so i feel is OK for a model with such limited availability... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

What an adorable tow truck and the colour makes it cuter. Man! it's a vintage die-cast too! You sure know a lot about what you post and the history behind it! Better keep it properly. White plastic tends to go yellow with time.

chrismandesign said...

HEHEHE... thank you very much for your compliments, pal =D... i feel like an encyclopedia of the collectionism LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... actually i rely a lot on the internet, selecting the relevant info according to my common sense and adding my personal point of view, that’s all...

uhmmm yep, the model is kinda cute and everything contributes to that feeling, even the white plastic which is already yellowing =/////... i think that in the future, with a bit of training, i will solve this problem somehow, customizing or adding my personal touch ups... =)

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